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Inside The Beautiful Inside

by Emily Bullock

Inside The Beautiful Inside-Emily Bullock

Startlingly original and poetic-Bullock combines horror and brutality with unexpected moments of tenderness .’ OBSERVER ‘The voice she gives to Norris as memories and delusions meld in his disintegrating mind is a haunting one. SUNDAY TIMES Best Historical Novels September 2020 . Madness, freedom, love, rebellion and compassion in C18th Bedlam, post Mutiny on the Bounty.

Emily Bullock has dazzling talent. AMANDA CRAIG. ‘A turbulent and thrilling voyage on the high seas of madness.’ ANN MORGAN Emily Bullock is a wonderful writer, and in this superbly crafted novel she doesn’t waste a single word as she hurls us headlong through a swirling maze of madness that leads us to the very heart of James Norris.


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